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2018 - a new year Finish 18 in 2017, which is not so bad. The new goal is 24 in 2018 excluding computer science related book. January The Happiness Hypothesis (Jonathan Haidt)[2018-01-09] 象与骑象人:幸福的假设 人类的理性其实非常依赖复杂的情感,因为只有当充满情绪的大脑运作顺畅时,理性才的以运转。 单靠意志力,控制化系统时很难打败自动化系统的。 其实当我们并不完全了解为什么会觉得这幅画很漂亮,但我们的诠释模块(骑象人)就会编理由。 Life itself is but what you deem it 人类倾向于有negative bias,就是会主动搜寻并回应威胁、侵害和挫败,所以我们没办法强迫自己从好角度看事情。 知恩图报和有仇必报这两种心里一体两面,缺一不可 流言为我们创造出非零和游戏,因为跟别人交换信息,我们不用付出任何成本,但彼此得到更多信息。 我们受制于自身偏见及*高度伪善*行为的影响。 Evail: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty (Roy Baumeister) TODO? happiness setpoint感觉是个挺有意思的概念,基因决定了幸福上限,但是可以努力去达到这个上限。 H = S + C + V –> 幸福持久度 = 遗传幸福范围 + 生活条件 + 自己可控因素 平面国(Flatland)看起来似乎会是一本很有意思的书, TODO。 anomie(失范)这个词很有意思,一种没有明确规则、规范或价值标准的社会所呈现的状态。 还是挺有所得的,我喜欢象和骑象人这个比喻。 The Golden Ticket: P, NP, and the Search for the Impossible (Lance Fortnow) [2018-01-10]


It is already Jan. 5th, 2018. A little bit late but not too late for summarizing 2017 and setting goals for 2018. Summary – 2017 Research: It could be summarized as Five First and One Exam First second-author paper: It is a very helpful and useful experience to work with fellow student, especially I’m pretty new to system research. First system paper: The amazing maat paper. I feel very strong about that.


This is a new start actually. Decide to migrate my blog into github page and use hugo.